Wedge flight

People with common goals and agendas, can reach their destination quicker and easier by trusting each other in their travels.

When a swan falls out of formation it’s hit with headwind and resistance, which is normal when flying alone. It then moves to the back of the formation to take advantage of the drag reduction.

Should we take the swans lead, and take flight to our destination, accept the help from others and help them as well. As the leader tires, he falls back and another swan takes the lead.

Delegating the tough jobs and the top position often proves very rewarding. As it is with swans, we as people are limited by each other’s talent, capabilities, intellects.

The swans quack as they fly to encourage the ones with the tough jobs to help them keep focus. We have to make sure our words and actions are those of encouragement, because in that atmosphere there will be higher rewards.

When times get tough we stick together, just like the swans do.

Mynd og texti eftir Olafsson